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Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp 3-5kg

Himalayan natural salt lamp (3-5kg)

Sales price: R 285,00
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PSY 7 Chakra Essential Oils

These seven sublime blends are Proudly South African and ...

Sales price: R 1410,00

PSY Balance and Stability Essential Oils

Emotional regulator, calming, ...

Sales price: R 235,00

PSY Invigoration Essential Oils

Deals with lethargy, brain health,immune system

Sales price: R 235,00

PSY Light Your Fire Essential Oils

Invigorates the senses and creates a positive mind ...

Sales price: R 235,00

PSY Quiet State of Mind Essential Oils

Calming and relaxing, sleep aid. Ingredients: Chamomile, ...

Sales price: R 235,00

PSY Signature Essential Oils

Relieves Stress and Fatigue, aphrodisiac Ingredients: ...

Sales price: R 235,00

PSY Subtle Serenity Essential Oils

Relieves mental exhaustion, allows full deep yogic ...

Sales price: R 235,00

PSY Transcendence Essential Oils

Use for meditation, relaxes body and soul. Ingredients: ...

Sales price: R 235,00

Soy Massage Candle

Soy massage candle with blended essential oils - lavender & ...

Sales price: R 130,00
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Vanilla Spritz

Vanilla Spritz room spray

Sales price: R 90,00
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Yoga Massage Oil 100ml

Pure essential oils created specially for yoga practice.

Sales price: R 100,00
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