The wonderful thing about Yoga is what you find out about yourself when you learn to pay attention. When you watch your mind as you practice, you learn to listen to the story that has become your life. When you observe your story, you give yourself an opportunity to take a step back and choose a different story, and in so doing you become the true author of your life. Yoga has had an enormous influence on my life, not the least of which has been finding my calling as a teacher, but I will also remain a forever student.

I am fiercely dedicated to the well-being and growth of each of my students, always hoping that their yoga eventually follows them off their mat and into their lives, creating ripples of change as they move into the world


Nadya Booyse
Phone: 0829552282
City: Midrand,Gauteng
Nadya BooyseNadya BooyseNadya BooyseNadya BooyseNadya BooyseNadya Booyse