A yoga practice invites you to face yourself…take a deep breath and show up in that moment. How about doing that in life as well? A yoga practice makes you strong for life, flexible for life, playful for life.

Through my own journey, Indie Yoga was created as a practical tool for turning observation into wisdom – using the asana practice as the microcosm for the macrocosm of life. Whatever happens on the mat – one’s freedom, limitation, internal dialogue, perceptions and belief systems – happens off the mat too and practicing equanimity or transforming observation into wisdom on the mat is a great skill for life! Watch it play out off the mat! For me an advanced yoga practice is the ability to find stillness in any situation.

I have always been curious about my mind and behaviour as well as that of others, I have been an observer. I realised that observing life had little to offer because monkey mind was constantly offering subtitles to the observations…a very busy environment. Can you relate? The subtitles got in the way of intuition also.

My yoga journey really started in New York City in 1997 and developed into a real personal practice in East Timor in 2001 where I found myself without teacher but many books and lots of time to delve into and practice their teachings. I first taught my unofficial yoga classes there which were a hit and where I discovered a love for teaching! I have been teaching yoga since 2001 and founded The Haum of Yoga in 2002. My teacher certification was awarded through The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, India in December 2001 and the advanced certification in 2010. For 2,5 months in Mysore, India in 2003, I officially deepened my journey in the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system. Countless names I could drop in my learning yoga with international professionals around the world but the more important thing is that I took their teachings and integrated them daily and deeply!

I am strongly influenced by the Sivananda training, by Acharya Venkatesh of Atma Vikasa Yoga in Mysore who strongly focuses on yoga as a complete therapeutic system beyond just the asana as well as sage Krishnamurti who delves into the philosophy of LIVING. I have been searching, evolving, developing, growing, metamorphing, living, cocooning (yup sometimes), opening, opening, opening as a result of yoga to more love, more light, more freedom! Learn this through the yoga asana experience.


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Kerry WeavindKerry Weavind