My interest in Yoga began as a way to further my study and practice of internal energy ‘prana’ or ‘chi’ after studying Tai Chi for many years, I felt that I had somewhat stagnated in my practice, and needed a new perspective of internal energy.

The other reason for my Yoga practce is that I am passionate about strength and conditioning training, specifically Hard-style Russian kettle bell training, as well as flow mobility and club bell training. I coach these styles, which are very strength orientated, but found the compensation to be quite lacking

So my Yoga is thus for release and to allow internal energy to flow unhindered by muscle stiffness and tension. from practising and teaching Yoga, I find something which I have not really found anywhere else. That is a sense that the teacher takes the students on a spiritual and energetic journey,

Yoga is a form of therapy as much as a physical practise, a way of connecting oneself to one’s own spirit. Something which the teacher shares with the students, but the students interpret in their own way, which is truly magical and beautiful.


Alastair Crewe
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Alastair Crewe