I began my yoga journey when I was 12 with my parents who are also yoga teachers. For me Yoga is what centres and grounds me, it brings me peace and tranquillity. Improving flexibility is not just about the physical but mental state too. Therefore, I firmly believe by spreading the knowledge of yoga I can bring about positive change to people's lives as it has so greatly for me

Curious to learn more about the Yogic philosophy I embarked on a journey to India, completing my 200 teacher training course and specialising in Hatha Yoga.

Nowadays, too many of us live a highly stressful lifestyle and are so disconnected from ourselves and our surroundings. That is why I started my yoga business: HEALING YOGA. Strongly believing in the healing benefits of Yoga on our mental, physical and spiritual health.


Elisha Yeh
Phone: 0729887813
City: Durban
Elisha Yeh - Healing YogaElisha Yeh - Healing YogaElisha Yeh - Healing Yoga