In 2001, whilst living in the UK, I attended my very first yoga class. My goal wasn’t to touch my toes or to lose weight. It was to try find a way to get through the work day without pain. After the birth of my first child my hips were out of alignment and I suffered from sciatica so badly that I was constantly taking painkillers. I absolutely loved everything about that yoga class. It gave me much more than what I was looking for. I never realized how much I needed the peaceful space it offered. Not only did it help me physically, but the real benefits overflowed into all areas of my life.

Life has thrown plenty of challenges my way. All gifts which have tested my inner strength and endurance, mentally, physically and spiritually. Looking back, during the tough times I recall telling myself “Just breathe, just breathe.” Now I can see how the tools you learn on the yoga mat can serve you in Life. Yoga is not a workout. It is an inward journey that lets you look inside.

I am just a Durban girl who loves the sunshine, the sea, stand up paddle boarding and of course YOGA! I encourage a playful, real, down to earth, joyful approach to yoga and am dedicated to my clients’ individuality. I come from a scientific yet open minded background and approach yoga with a blend of east and west. I am a registered Hatha teacher through the Yoga Alliance. In addition to my yoga training I hold an MSc in Transpersonal Psychology and Consciousness, Psychodynamic Counselling,


Penny Slein
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City: Durban
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