My yoga journey is largely inspired by my mother. A dance instructor for over 30 years, she has always had a strong interest in Eastern Philosophy. Thanks to her influence, my understanding of the connection between movement, spirituality and healing began to develop at a young age and acted as a stepping stone into the world of yoga. I soon realised the potential for healing and gratification that lies in teaching others.

I encourage all my students to be mindful about their alignment and foundation, to embrace their inner teacher, and to take the time to develop a self-practice.

I feel strongly about the importance of addressing mental health issues through movement and meditation, and continue to use yoga as a tool to help my clients with depression, anxiety and other illnesses.

I have a strong interest in physiology and anatomy, and am therefore inspired to continue learning about the relationship of the physical body with the energetic and spiritual bodies. Continuing my education, I'm diligent about working on my daily practice and participating in courses and workshops. I'm also in my first year of my Specialised Kinesiology studies.


Kathleen Booyse
Phone: 0721293939
City: Obseervatory, Cape Town
Kathleen BooyseKathleen BooyseKathleen BooyseKathleen Booyse