Our locally made and imported products are made from re-cycled or sustainable materials.


Travel Neti Pot

Ideal for when you are travelling. Lightweight and tough. ...

Sales price: R 65,00

Meditation Bench (Out Of Stock)

Hand-crafted Norwegian pine Meditation Bench

Sales price: R 325,00
Sales price: R 695,00
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Acupressure Mat

Acupuncture pressure mat

Sales price: R 405,00
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Zafu Meditation Cushion by 2 Cats

Zafu Meditation Cushion

Sales price: R 475,00
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Half Moon Cushion by 2 Cats

Crescent cushions used while performing yoga and meditation.

Sales price: R 395,00
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Bolster by 2 Cats

Yoga Bolster

Sales price: R 495,00
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Eye pillow with lavender

Satin eye pillow in a variety of subtle colours filled with ...

Sales price: R 175,00

Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp 2-3 kg (Out of Stock)

Himalayan natural salt lamp (2-3.5kg) Size and weight may ...

Sales price: R 285,00
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Neti Pot - Ceramic

Imported from India, this beautiful blue ceramic neti pot ...

Sales price: R 320,00

Singing Bowl (incl. Cushion and striker)

Imported from India, made from quality brass with soothing ...

Sales price: R 650,00
Sales price: R 550,00
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