Half Moon Cushion by 2 Cats

Crescent cushions used while performing yoga and meditation.
Sales price R 395,00
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These crescent cushions are designed to provide support to thighs and easing pressure on knees & hips while doing Yoga. Our crescent cushions are made from 100% organic cotton and filled with natural cotton fibre. These are also called ‘heart cushions’ as when one sits, the heart region opens up on its own with all the grace and ease.
Crescent cushions are very light in weight and minimize the absorption of odors. We offer our crescent meditation cushion in 100% Organic Cotton cover filled with cotton fibres. 
Our cotton is a natural fiber filling, that provides a firm support to the user and is not hard.

Extremely light weight
Highly comfortable & malleable
Minimize the absorption of odor
Easy to handle, stack and store
Available in blue or maroon colours
43 x 20.5x 12 cm