We stock a wide variety of Yoga props and accessories


Wooden Block (single)

Norwegian Pine hand-crafted wooden block

Sales price: R 120,00
Sales price: R 695,00
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Foam Shoulder Stand Pad (sold in singles)

Yoga Shoulder Stand foam pad Made from durable high ...

Sales price: R 290,00
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Foam Block (single) Blue

Yoga block Made from durable high performance ...

Sales price: R 90,00

Zafu Meditation Cushion by 2 Cats

Zafu Meditation Cushion

Sales price: R 475,00
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Half Moon Cushion by 2 Cats

Crescent cushions used while performing yoga and meditation.

Sales price: R 395,00
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Cotton Yoga Strap by 2 Cats

Yoga Belt or Strap

Sales price: R 80,00
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Bolster by 2 Cats

Yoga Bolster

Sales price: R 395,00
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Eye pillow with lavender

Satin eye pillow in a variety of subtle colours filled with ...

Sales price: R 175,00
Sales price: R 295,00
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Natural Rubber Mat Wash - lemongrass

This vinegar-based cleaner is specifically designed to ...

Sales price: R 199,00
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All-purpose Mat Wash

This all-purpose cleaner leaves your yoga mat smelling ...

Sales price: R 199,00
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Foam Block (larger) Purple

Larger foam blocks are purple. Size : 100mm x 150mm x ...

Sales price: R 110,00

Cork Block

Cork Block by 2 Cats

Sales price: R 280,00
Sales price: R 425,00
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DropKop Headstand Stool

Headstand Stool - Get all the benefits of inverting the ...

Sales price: R 1950,00